Dr. Heather Little-White, O.D., J.P. Managing Director, Heather Little-White & Associates

Dr. Heather Little-White, Food, Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant, received her early training at the University of Technology, Jamaica in Institutional Management, then at the University of Wisconsin-Stout where she earned a B. Sc. in Foods & Nutrition, followed by a Masters degree in Communications.

This combination of disciplines led her to launch Jamaica’s first morning time television cooking programme – “Creative Cooking” while employed to Grace, Kennedy & Co. Ltd. After several years as Manager of Grace Kitchens and Consumer Centre, Dr. Little-White was awarded the prestigious Hubert Humphrey Fellowship to Cornell University, USA, where she received her doctorate in Human Service Studies. She studied extensively in the areas of Food & Nutrition, Agriculture and Rural Development, Gender Studies and Human Sexuality.

Dr. Little-White left Grace, Kennedy as Nutrition Promotion Manager to start her own health and nutrition promotion company, Little-White & Associates, Ltd. which offers among other services, cooking courses for women, “Men Only”, children and teenagers. The emphasis is on the promotion of Jamaican and international cuisine with a healthy twist.

She presented a regular “Healthy Lifestyle” cooking programme on CVM television. Dr. Little-White was also Grace, Kennedy’s Nutrition Consultant to Jamaica’s National Football Team, the Reggae Boyz, during the 1998 World Cup Season.

In August 2001, Dr. Little-White was recognized by the Government of Jamaica when she was awarded the Order of Distinction (Officer Class) for her contribution to Nutrition Education.

In addition, she finds time for part-time lecturing in Executive Development at the School of Hospitality at the University of Technology, Jamaica. She also gives motivational lectures to several professional groups and community organizations.

Dr. Little-White has worked extensively internationally, having worked with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) and the United Nations Field Services. This took her to several countries in Africa and Europe. She had the pleasure of meeting Nelson Mandela as she worked as a UN Observer at the first democratic elections in South Africa.

Since becoming a paraplegic in 1999 as result of gunshot wounds, Dr. Little-White has turned her attention to seeking rights for the disabled community in Jamaica. She has been made an honorary member of the Combined Disabilities Association.

Dr. Little-White is a qualified journalist and a specialist in Human Sexuality, writing weekly in the Outlook magazine of the Sunday Gleaner. She offers counseling in this area.

Her interests are travel, photography and culinary creations. She is 2003 inductee in the Hall of Fame of the Caribbean Development for the Arts and Culture Foundation for excellence in the field of Culinary Arts.

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