Heather Little-White & Associates emerged from Little-White & Associates, Ltd. a limited liability company formed in 1997. The company is involved in consultancy work in the areas of food service, catering, training in cuisine, food promotion, nutrition, sports nutrition, consumer education, establishing alliances with a number of local companies and international agencies.

Heather Little-White & Associates has established offices at 2B Braemar Avenue, Kingston 10 and offers services to various interest groups. The company enlists the resources of qualified associates to efficiently carry out its services.


To promote healthy lifestyles to improve the quality of life for its customers through the provision of quality goods and services.


The concept of healthy lifestyles promotion is the underlying framework for the programme of activities of Heather Little-White & Associates. Against the background of dramatic increases in lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer and obesity, Heather Little-White & Associates offers solutions to assist persons who need education as well as guidance to control and prevent lifestyle diseases.

The epidemiological shift in diseases, the training and services offered by Heather Little-White & Associates have been designed to promote healthy lifestyles and encourage consumers to change behaviour while using frequently consumed foods.
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